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Top Research Studies of 2022 for Primary Care!

Top Research Studies of 2022 for Primary Care!

Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and I'll break it down for you.

Welcome to the next installment of the remarkable Examined podcast! In this episode I grab a mic and review a recent article published in American Family Physician that highlights the best studies from 2022 for us family docs. These studies are considered highly relevant to being better at doctoring, and being better informed as patients.

In this episode we’ll chat about recent meta-analyses from 2022 that answer the questions:

  • Are statin medications for lowering cholesterol and cardiovascular risk really worth taking… and if so, by whom?

  • Does vitamin D reduce risk of fractures?

  • What should we expect when tapering off antidepressants?

  • Which meds are best for panic disorder/anxiety?

  • Can antacids actually cause stomach cancer?

  • What are the best first line treatments for irritable bowel syndrome?

  • Do most older adults diagnosed with prediabetes go on to develop actual diabetes?

  • Does intense exercise or taking metformin reduce cardiovascular outcomes in prediabetes?

  • What are the best overall treatments for mild to moderate acne?

  • Are 24 weeks of Chantix for smoking cessation better than the standard 12?

  • Were vaccines and boosters against Covid worth it?

  • Which 2 types of medications for diabetes continue to emerge as the best cornerstones of treatment, after diet, exercise, and weight loss?

  • And most suspenseful - does anyone interrupt me while I’m doing a single take, no edit, 25 minute podcast?!? Does my voice crack? How many times do I say “Um…”

I hope you enjoy this latest installment. Your feedback, questions, and comments are part of the conversation!

Examined Podcast
Vital and overlooked ideas your family doctor might share with you - if only we had more time. This podcast goes along with my written articles on Substack, and provides expanded commentary. You might even hear some drumming. Low tech production. High quality content.
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