Jul 31, 2022 • 31M

Monkeypox, Damn It - The Pod!

The first Examined podcast ever. Full of amateur charm, and definitely full of hubris. Plus, finger drumming intro music.

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Ryan McCormick, M.D.
Vital and overlooked ideas your family doctor might share with you - if only we had more time. This podcast goes along with my written articles on Substack, and provides expanded commentary. You might even hear some drumming. Low tech production. High quality content.
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This is the voiceover podcast version of my most recent post about Monkeypox. You’ll hear some additional color commentary, and I’m still working on getting better audio quality. Getting there, actually - I’m going to use a Windows default voice recording app next time for better clarity… but without further delay, here are monkeypox basics on diagnosis, treatment, prevention, vaccination, and efforts to contain this disease as of late July, 2022.

I will try to get around to submitting this podcast feed to Apple, Stitcher, and the like one day soon. You can then probably download episodes using those popular apps. But this is still a side project, by a long margin, so I thank you for your patience and support!

The Examined Studios - South Philadelphia, circa 2022. HP laptop with daughter’s thoughtful stickers, crappy Chromebook, and Yeti Mic.