Aug 24, 2022 • 23M

Sustaining the Brain with... the Paradiddle?

A quick review, with expanded commentary, on the natural ways we can help our brains to stay cognitively strong.

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Ryan McCormick, M.D.
Vital and overlooked ideas your family doctor might share with you - if only we had more time. This podcast goes along with my written articles on Substack, and provides expanded commentary. You might even hear some drumming. Low tech production. High quality content.
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Welcome to the second ever Examined podcast. In this episode I summarize the last post I wrote about cognition, reaffirming that Prevagen sucks and hearing aids help, and most importantly I teach you how to do a paradiddle. Practicing this drum rudiment might just swell your cerebellum with new coordinated connections, radiating out and beyond to your auditory cortex and corpus callosum. I also review and respond to some reader comments, and generally pretend like I know what I’m doing in front of a mic. I’m getting a little better, right?

Here goes… unedited, sincere, single-take audio like we’re just talking. I hope it serves you well. Remember:

Right Left Right Right. Left Right Left Left. Accent on the first stroke.



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