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This was fantastic! My favorite podcasts are actually ones with good substance, but delivered in a conversational tone that goes with driving, commuting, and other tasks. It felt like a consultation with a family doctor back in the day when doctors had time, and you know your stuff. Low budget does equal sincerity sometimes.

Also, The distinction between relative and absolute risk when discussing things with people is a really critical one I had not considered…. A little wonky, but if we don’t take time to really understand this idea, we are easily wowed into making choices that might be unnecessary. This thread ran throughout your podcast, don’t know if you planned that.

Well done 👏

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Enjoyed listening to your podcast while having my morning coffee. There are so many family members with diabetic and my blood test tells me I’m borderline, I feel a bit better hearing you mention that it doesn’t mean I should become one.

Keep up your good work in educating us.

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