What an interesting result. Paxlovid really helped this 64 year old woman with her COVID-19. Looking at the long Covid data, I hope the FDA liberalizes access to Paxlovid for middle aged adults soon.

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"Nasty table"?? I suspect you mean hasty (I hope).

Good news that reduction through both vaccination and COVID-19 Tx helps to reduce the incidence of PASC. However, as a Tx for PASC, this remains to be seen as this is a rather complicated issue. Of course, we need to do the science on it. If there is any consolation, many do recover by year's time. (Wish I can find that study).

Nice to see a note of Natural History of ID. Many things that happens in COVID-19 is not unique to SARS.Cov2. Seems that the pandemic shined a spotlight on things that were always there. I lost my hearing as a result of measles at 13 months. Do we call it Long Measles? ;)

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Perhaps the greater rate of reporting long covid in younger people is because symptoms are more obvious when you don't have all kinds of other aches and pains - like painting on a blank canvas.😆

There's also the pitfall (?) in older age of attributing everything thing to aging, or perhaps we become more accepting of imperfection as we grow!

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