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Wow. So important to consider and be familiar with these. I had never really considered Narcan, or how easy it is to obtain. I have a teenager that should probably be familiar with this too, and perhaps carry one off to college. Fentanyl scares the hell out of me.

Will come back to watch the Epipen and CPR later today. I’m unplugging until tomorrow! World day of unplugging, but these videos look way more important than watching mindless brain candy! Thank you!!!

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Narcan - excellent to know/view video. I did not know how easy to obtain.

Epipen - excellent to know/view video. Food allergy is common!

CPR - we all know someone who might need this. Compression only video worth the few minutes to view.

Thank you Ryan.

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About 45 years ago my wife, I and 3 year old daughter went to a local park. I told them to have fun, I was going to jog a little on the track. After 10 minutes I came back and told my wife maybe we should go home, my hands feel a bit swollen. She looked at me and said I'm driving you to the hospital. When we got there she told me to look in the mirror. My face was so swollen I didn't recognize myself. This was the first and only time I needed the epiPen. Still have no idea what caused it.

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