Nice article, I do believe that older folks should supplement their diet for much the same reason listed. I take 1 IU daily myself.

It would be interesting to note that during the early days of SARS-CoV2, severe cases seemed to be associated with low levels but sub sequence studies did not find that it was not helpful as a Tx or prophylactic.

I do recall my father, who grew up in Cleveland, remembered newspaper headlines to tell parent to give cod live oil to children after a spell of winter sunless days. This was, of course, before fortified milk.

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This reminds me of the common practice in England, in the fifties, of putting babies outside, in their prams, to sleep during the day.

It also makes me think of how often children just want to go outside. I think their bodies know what they need. As adults we need to say yes way more often.

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What great information. I remember a person at my gym ended up up in the cardiac unit while mega- dosing on Vitamin D, this illustrates that we need to be wary of nutritional fads and all “vitamins” are not like Vitamin C which is water soluble. I have been wondering how to replace the Vitamin D that was in the calcium supplement I used to take. Here in California I guess I could take off the long sleeves and step outside during the winter when the skin cancer risk is lower. I’m really interested in the next posts on this topic.

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